End of lower fines for voluntary disclosure

17-01-2017 - Bridge Consulting

Black-savers will soon no longer be able to use a discount scheme if they quickly repent and voluntarily report their assets to the tax authorities. State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance will abolish it.

So far, there is a leniency scheme for tax evaders. If they report voluntarily within two years of committing the fraud, they will not be punished. When they then come to their senses, they have to cough up 120 percent of the lost tax.

Wiebes thinks that there are enough other incentives for tax evaders to confess their fraud. For that, the voluntary interest collection is no longer necessary.

"Due to increasing transparency, inter alia as a result of international data exchange, tax administrations have more information at their disposal and are better able to enforce them, as a result of which the chances of taxpayers with concealed assets running out become ever greater", he writes. When the scheme goes into effect is not known. He promises to communicate the date 'on time'.

More adjustments

In addition, Wiebes also wants to be able to make public the fines that consultants can obtain for cooperation in tax evasion.

He also wants to adjust the legal privilege for lawyers and notaries. At this moment they, like doctors and pharmacists, have to keep quiet in court if they ask them to question them. They also do not have to show their administration to researchers from the tax authorities. This is laid down in the law because it is important that everyone can ask for advice and assistance if necessary, without being afraid to be arrested.

This comes to an end partly if it is up to Wiebes. He wants to prevent certain important facts, business transactions and transactions from being withdrawn from the tax authorities by using a secret holder.