Performance Management

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Effective performance dialogue

Performance management helps you, as a way of thinking and working. We help you and your leadership team by focusing on those activities that add value to your organization. And by translating this focus to the entire organization, in processes, systems and especially people. In doing so, we support you to ensure that the change is permanent, for example by learning to conduct an effective performance dialogue about the actual performance of your organization.

This is how we can help you

  • Facilitating strategy excecution

    By clearly translating your organization's strategic goals into concrete activities and KPIs, we enable you to increase your performance faster with transparant targets, enabling you to make timely adjustments. Together with you, we translate the strategy into clear objectives and core activities, which then form the foundation of your management model.

  • Integrating performance and risk management

    The management of performance and risks in relation to which you perform better and more stable over a longer period. Because only when performance and risk management are integrated, risks can be smartly and consciously taken. The cohesion offers the comfort that goals are achieved in a risk-conscious manner, and that your risk management goes beyond the management of compliance issues and therefore adds a lot more value.

  • Developing dashboards and reports

    To be able to control your organization you need clear reports. We help you determine relevant steering information, and support you with the technical realization. This does not mean that we make another report! Together with you we build the most essential reports and determine in consultation which reports have become redundant.

Bridge Consulting Group
Bridge Consulting Group

Your benefits

  • Strategy is not on the agenda, but it is the agenda
  • Strong focus on those operational activities that add value to your organization
  • More effective decision-making and strategy execution
  • A clear, well-founded performance dialogue with your internal and external stakeholders about the chosen strategy and its execution
  • A shorter planning process with clear objectives
  • Less but better reports
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